Beginn des Verkaufs von Wohnungen im Garden Palace Resort in Umagu


The Garden Palace Resort project is located in Umag right by the sea and provides first-class access to the sea and the beach. The beautiful apartment complex, which consists of 4 buildings, is located in the immediate vicinity of the sea, walking paths and offers first-class views, which enable a real seaside vacation.



The apartment complex includes apartments of various sizes, from 26.99 m2 to 124.50 m2 of net surface area, and in addition, most apartments also have outdoor areas - balconies, terraces, atriums. For those who like large outdoor areas, the apartments feature large atria (up to 51.82 m2) and large terraces (up to 106.02 m2).



The complex also has a restaurant, a bar and a garden with a swimming pool. Parking is available in the garage or on the level, and each of the apartments has a certain number of private parking spaces.



The apartments are of different sizes and positions, so there is sure to be a suitable apartment for everyone. The apartments also have beautiful terraces with a view of the sea, or smaller loggias or balconies, or French balconies.



The location of the project provides an excellent starting point for both access to the sea and the beach, as well as access to all necessary infrastructure. The immediate surroundings are also suitable for cycling. Dante Beach, Umag's main beach, Laguna Stella Maris Beach and other popular tourist spots can be found nearby. The nearest airport is Pula Airport, 89 km from Garden Palace Resort.

The village is easily accessible from Slovenia, for example, you will only need a good hour and a half drive on the highway from Ljubljana, or even less when Croatia is admitted to the Schengen area. This can happen very soon, according to experts, perhaps already in the second half of this year. This will definitely simplify and speed up the trip to Croatia in many ways, which will make real estate in Croatia even closer. At the same time, the destination will become even more interesting for foreigners.



The apartment complex was built in 2009. The apartments within the resort are rented out on a short-term basis, so that the end buyer is also given the opportunity to continue renting out the purchased apartment.

The apartments are sold fully equipped with furniture, white goods, bathroom equipment and are ready for immediate use.



Buying an apartment in the Garden Palace Resort in Umag allows you to have the sea at your fingertips all year round. Please allow me one more hint: after Croatia's admission to the Schengen and Eurozone, real estate prices will certainly rise, so now is really the right, if not the last, time to buy real estate in Croatia. Don't miss it!

The prices of the apartments will be according to the price list.

Why buy an apartment in the Garden Palace Resort Umag project:

  •      Fully equipped apartments
  •      A great investment
  •      Prime location
  •      They start before inflation
  •      Favorable prices before entry into Schengen and acceptance of EUR
  •      Limited offer